Tyrant King, Inc is your full-service advertising agency. By combining the principals of “Marketing, Design & Technology” we are the place you can come to, for .

In order to precisely support our clients’ many needs, we developed two departments: Creative Circo, PhotostudioTK (our Design Division), tkwebsys™ (our Technology Division) and e-promoamerica(our Marketing Communication Divison). We offer top quality design, with cutting edge web technology, to create innovative solutions for our clients to target their specific markets. We are experts at bridging the cultural gap between Japan and America – and we deliver our services with unmatched professionalism.

Marketing Strategic Planning and Management

We conduct global market research in all forms of multimedia in order to construct the international branding of clients to adapt to an American market through advertising and public relations via various medium such as TV, newspaper, radio, and billboard campaigns in American, Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets to target our client’s needs.


880 E 1st St., #1B
Los Angeles, CA 90012
TEL (213) 617-7700 FAX (213) 617-7705


576 Fifth Ave, Suite 903
New York, NY 10036
TEL (212) 594-2942 FAX (212) 594-2945


3-1-9-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0002

Creating Light Bulb Moments to Illuminate Your Business

We offer designs & services that are specific to our customers’ various needs and demand.

We provide various services from CMS, hosting to shopping site.

We deliver quality images for marketing and branding.

We arrange and provide a staff of multilingual product demonstrators to various venues all over the U.S.